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Monday, 24 April 2017

The Birching Block 7 (Scene 2) including Preview Video

 Scene two of

The room is cleared again and a second boy is reporting to be birched. Knightly (Milo Millis) has also got himself in to trouble, mainly for truancy or being out of bounds. Given too many chances he too must now go down on the block. 

Mr Sharp pulls a fresh birch from the jug and surveys Knightly's well raised and rounded bare bottom. This boy deserves a good swishing and he's going to get it! Each stroke burns and it seems to get worse the more that are delivered!

However, following his tradition Mr Sharp will end off the punishment session with a good spanking. Knightly can only wail as Mr Sharpe's firm hand connects with his already very sore birched bare backside!

Milo Millis plays Knightly


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Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Birching Block 7

The Bursar has supplied the latest tightly bound bundles of whippy birch rods, which now wait to be used in the large enamel jug . Two lads who have recently seen fit to break the college rules are going to find themselves on the business end of these time honoured instruments. Soaked and ready to use its now just a matter of ordering those badly behaved boys to 'go down!' 

First up is Richardson (Paul Wolfe) He is normally a good student but of late has been getting very bad results in his studies. His time keeping is woefully out of pace too.

The deputy Head, a stickler for punctuality, decides its time to pull him up and snap him back in to shape. He orders a birching and young Richardson soon finds himself kneeling on the old punishment block, this time with Mr Sharp wielding the naturally grown stingers.

If the poor lads bare bottom is not now raw enough, he's going over the knee for a good spanking too! In the eyes of the Deputy Head its of course well deserved!

Paul Wolfe plays Richardson

Part 2 and the preview video will be posted tomorrow

Video Preview Trailer to follow



Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Just David - Compilation

Being both cheeky and handsome at the same time, David gained a huge following during his time with Sting Pictures. From first performance in 'Sting Double Bill' to his last performance in 'Banged Up My Borstal Days 2'. David certainly made his mark in the spanking world!

Just David: Another in the series of compilation videos from Sting, focusing on popular actors from Sting's early days. This time it's just David, a South London lad with a bottom made for spanking, and the ability to take a lot of punishment.


This feature length video includes a large number of Davd;s many scenes from Sting Movies. In these we see a bare bottom Davis getting hand spanked OTK, caned, paddled, birched and belted, as well as being spanked with a razor strop, a rubber soled gym shoe and a French Martinet, and shedding the odd tear along the way.

David has long been one of Sting's most popular stars, and in this compilation you will see why.


For the next three weeks a full sized version of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE

Alternatively, the trailer can be viewed online at Spanking Tube by


Monday, 17 April 2017

Scouting For Trouble 2 - Preview video at Spanking Tube

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Scouting For Trouble 2 (Part 2)

The second set of pictures from

In another incident senior scout Howard (Alessandro Katz) has just arrived back in from an orienteering exercise. With the rest still out in the wilds he takes the opportunity to have a quick smoke even though, for the boys he knows, with the Scoutmaster its a big taboo. 

He's unlucky too and is puffing away as the Master walks back in! It may not have been so bad but Howard was smoking the Scoutmasters own cigarettes.

Now its time to teach Howard a lesson in health and the boy soon finds himself drawn across the Masters knee! He'll receiving sound spanking on his smooth little bare bottom but that will be just for starters! 

 Next the bench with be drawn out and laying face down Howard can expect to feel some real bands of fiery pain from the Scout leaders heavy old brown leather belt!

Alessandro Katz plays Howard

CLICK HERE for Part 1 and the preview video