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Thursday, 28 June 2012

(Asian Incident) Brett gets the paddle

As one of Sting's most spanked stars, Brett has been hand-spanked, slippered and caned, many times each, his handsome bare bottom has been been birched, strapped and belted and received a taste of the tawse, he has also handed out a few spankings himself, memorably in Discipline Down Under one and in Reformatory USA he took his turn paddling a few bare bottoms.

In Asian Incident it was his turn to feel the wooden paddle, and, from his expression, it was not an experience he enjoyed!! (which, of course, makes it all the more fun for us!!)


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Sting Double Bill Part 2 - 1900 House of Correction Part 1

Earlier this week I posted images and clips from Discipline Down Under Part 1, which is the first half of the fantastic Sting Double Bill DVD, this week I am posting pictures from The 1900 House of Correction, which was the Second half of the Double Bill.

Set in the first year of the 20th Century, 1900 House of Corrections explores various forms of Victorian punishment such as the strap, the cane, the birch and, of course the hard palm of a firm Victorian hand. Like the first half of the Double Bill, it stars a galaxy of popular Sting lads, including David, Mark, Vex, Jay, Barry and Matt Mills.

To be continued ...........


Sting Double Bill Part 2 - 1900 House of Correction 2

More pictures from 1900 House of Correction which is the second half of the excellent Sting Double bill DVD