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Monday, 30 July 2012

Sting Raw - Fraser's Short Sharp Shock

In 2010 Sting introduced a new option - Sting Raw, short intense video clips available in addition to the usual Sting full length productions.

The first Sting Raw production was Fraser's Short Sharp Shock staring James Bruce

In Fraser's Short Sharp Shock James Bruce plays Borstal trainee Fraser. This petulant teenager is in trouble with his House Officer and now faces the prospect of some harsh discipline. With no time to waste the officer sets about delivering a firm hand spanking with young Frazer stretched well over his knee. After this and to enforce the message that rule braking will be met with stern measures Frazer is ordered to bend right over the vaulting horse. The determined officer takes out a heavy strap and proceeds to deliver a long harsh stinging strapping to the boy's defenceless bare bottom. As the cracks from the seasoned leather burn bands of fire in to Frazer's backside he knows that it will be sometime before he gets himself put on report again.


Sunday, 29 July 2012

Brett Upended

One of Sting's favourite bad boys Brett takes another of his many canings, this time in an Australian setting, in this scene from Discipline Down Under, which is part of the Double Bill DVD together with 1900 House of Correction.

US users can now purchase Sting DVDs online from

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Army Cadet

In Army Cadet, a download directed by Jonathan Fox, army Troopers Jones (Jason Kingsley) and Fox (Richie Sachs) decide to have a night out on the town their behaviour and general conduct shocks the locals. On hearing this their troop commander is furious. However in order to maintain B section's good name the Lieutenant decides the matter can be settled off the record. He instructs the Sgt Major to make sure young troopers, Fox and Jones, receive a good hiding.

Without a do the Sgt Major orders the lads to report to the gym and alerts the Colour Sergeant (Rusty) to administer a hard spanking to the disgraced troopers followed by the cane.

After this as promised to the hapless lads the Sgt Major himself will lay on the birch. After a good long and hard spanking on their firm backsides and 24 cuts of the cane and birch, well laid on, both troopers will now have trouble sitting comfortably in the saddle of their mounts!

 After the punishment they are both dismissed to the sick bay to alleviate the throbbing sting in their bare backsides with a welcoming layer of disinfecting crème. From that day on the young troopers would not forget what true hard military discipline means to an Army Cadet!