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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Name That Bottom - Answer It was Brad

The answer to the Name that Bottom question is that it was Brad in a scene from Borstal Correction 2 - Back inside.

Here are some more images from the same scene

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Name that bottom .....!!

Click the image for a closer look

The first in an occasional series of challenges for Sting fans, who can name the Sting actor who owns of the well spanked (and caned) bottom in the picture above? Please leave your answer in the comments section below .... 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

No Stars - Just Stripes - Video trailer

More images from the new Sting download "No Stars - Just Stripes" 

Featuring Leonardo King, Pavel Novy, Eddie Savion and Riley Smith. 

Video trailer

 No Stars - Just Stripes can be purchased from the following link

Monday, 27 August 2012

New boy Pavel stars in "No Stars - Just Stripes"

Just turned 18 - Pavel Novy makes his debut and takes his first ever spanking in

To cater for Sting's vast number of American customers they’ve given this one a US theme.

The paddle as a punishment still exists in some intuitions in the USA and certainly in one or more military schools. No Stars Just Stripes hasn’t been given a particular time frame but is set in a typical US College.
The coach and his assistant are busy in the sports facility and with energetic youngsters to instruct a sense of discipline in sport must prevail. One young guy, McKenzie (new Sting Lad Pavel Novy) seems to have yet again upset the senior Coach with his bad behaviour. No time is wasted in putting McKenzie across his knee and administering a firm spanking. To make sure the youth really gets the message this time round a leather strap is taken from the locker and instantly the sound of it cracking down on McKenzie’s bare backside rings round the Gym store.

(Sting have built Pavel’s audition in to the film so this really is the first time he has ever been spanked or received a leather strap across his bare butt)

 Next up the young assistant coach Jonny McIver (New Sting top Eddie Savion) has had to break up a fight between two basketball players in training. The senior coach is not happy and orders him to deal with the two lads. Jarren (Leonardo King) has punched another player, Wade (new Sting Lad Riley Smith) and as such is to be dealt with more severely. 

McIver starts by spanking both lads red raw seated on a Gym bench but it’s not the end of punishment for these two hot heads. Reaching up on top of the locker and taking down a well-used holed paddle, both boys now receive a series of firm swats turning their butts an ever brighter red. When they finally stand clutching their sore bottoms regret for transgressing in college is written all over their faces.

 Whilst the senior coach is happy with his young assistant’s sports instruction he feels he is lacking in maintaining good discipline. One way to bring his attention back is most certainly a taste of his own medicine. Soon the young coach himself is over his senior’s knee and receiving a hard bare bottom spanking. After this for good measure again out comes the old well used hickory paddle, crack after crack rains down leaving perfect red hole prints in the junior coaches scorched red butt.

 He might be a younger member of the faculty but he’s certainly going to graduate with honours in discipline administration if his boss has anything to do with it.

Also staring

New young Top - Eddie Savion

Video trailer to follow! ......

Click below for the full sized version of: 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Updated Interview with Richard O'Shea

Back in February 2011 I conducted an interview with Rich O'Shea from Sting which was published at JockSpank.  As there have been a number of developments with Sting and the wider spanking scene since then Richard has agreed to do an update to that interview which will be published here.

I will be conducting the interview in the next week or so, if anyone has any questions which they would like me to put to Rich please write to me at - heading your e-mail Questions for Rich, or, if you prefer, you can leave questions in the comments section below this posting

Meanwhile here are some pictures of Rich in action which you may enjoy  


Including images from

Saturday, 25 August 2012

David had a Bad Day

As one of an occasional series revisiting some of Sting's earlier DVDs, we meet the popular actor David who among his many roles appeared in Instruments of Persuasion. In a story entitled "All Smoked Out" which runs through the DVD, between other scenes, David is featured in two scenes during which his magnificent bare bottom is punished by two of the various Instruments of persuasion in the title.

The first of these is the cane, which David receives after he and a buddy are caught smoking at school

Later that same day ...........

When David gets home later that day, he is introduced to a second instrument of persuasion the Razor Strop, which his Dad uses on him when he discovers David has been punished at school

David also appears in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2, in which he receives the French Martinete and also a firm hand spanking.