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Monday, 29 April 2013

Coming Soon from Sting

Tales from the Headmaster's Study - Episode 9 - to be released this week

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sebastian - A Busy Boy


Sebastian, seen here is some posing shots while working under the imaginative model name of Thor, is one of the most popular of the Czech models. 

Rivalled only be Darren, Sebastian is also certainly one of the busiest. Sebastian appeared in no less than 17 Sting downloads in just two years between his audition in August 2009 and his d├ębut performance in “Sore Times for Sebastian” released in September 2009 and his last appearance in Rooftop Rebels in November 2011.

Sebastian has now retired from acting, but his considerable attractions can still be enjoyed in his movies, Sore Times for Sebastian*, The Head Master (With Dr. Barton), Discipline Down Under Part 3, Woodland Vandals*, Tales Down Under, Discipline Diary 1900, St Datchets Academy – The Epilogue, Let the Cane Take the Strain, Raw Down Under, Officer Carter's Borstal Diary, Domestic Trilogy, Doctor Doctor, The 8th Commandment, The New Prefect's Revenge, The Water Boys and Rooftop Rebels.


Sebastian in a more familiar pose

 * “Sore Times for Sebastian” and “Woodland Vandals” are now part of the Sting Premium Selection compilation download

Bare Bottomed Barry

Barry, photographed here by ClubLads, is another very popular Sting, actor has appeared in a number of Sting Presentations, including both parts of the Sting Double Bill, Instruments of Persuasion Part 2, Approved Education Part 2, African Academy, Banged Up My Borstal Days 2, Reformatory USA and Discipline Download Under.

Tanning Tigger

click to enlarge
Just a cute picture for you to enjoy!! :-)

18 year old Tigger was one of Sting's most popular actors, appearing in My Borstal Days 1, Tales From St Datchet's Academy, Instruments of Persuasion Parts 1 and 2, Reformatory USA, The Sting Double Bill, Asian Incident and Borstal Correction Part 1 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Damien Drake in "Scott Listen and Learn"

"Scott Listen and learn" is modern day story staring the popular and likable Damien Drake as Scott

Young Scott (Damien Drake) is a lad with much potential until it comes to sport that is. Yet again he has failed to take his sports kit to school and now his PE Teacher has had enough!
None too happy he sends him off to get the Rugby ball for the afternoon practice. Scott however has other ideas and decides to take a nap in the changing room only later to be rudely woken by a whistle and an angry PE Teacher ..............

Totally fed up by his laziness he is given a good spanking

First on his red shorts...

Then on his reddening bare bottom!

  .. quickly followed by a dose of the plimsoll on his sore spanked bottom .....

Finally the punishment ends with a lecture

 But Scott's bad day is not over yet as his father is waiting for him to arrive home..........

Trying to sneak in doesn't work and soon his Dad makes good use of Scott's unused ping pong bat! With his butt now burning from that his undies are ordered off!  ......

Finally he gets a humiliating spanking which ends in tears, much shame and a very sore backside with an early night in bed!



Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sting Raw Download - Laid Back and Bare

Laid Back and Bare is an experimental Sting Raw short video by Rob Leahman, set in modern times, a young student ( Gino Marks) should be at college studying but instead decides to go home and get stoned and play loud music.. that is until his brother arrives (Dexter) who is none too happy and sends him off for a cold shower!

Dexter then takes advantage of the joint his younger brother had made... Pretty soon the music annoys him and he wants to know what his brother is doing in the shower. He is NOT happy with what he finds ........


Friday, 19 April 2013

Expect to be Punished

Dale Brady

and introducing Kurt Maddix in ...

The daily routine when overseeing discipline, especially of the college seniors is never ending. Now two more lads, who should know better, have got themselves in to trouble.

Croft (Dale Brady) is constantly creating a problem after lights out in the dorm. He’s really not facing up to the responsibilities of a prefect and the Headmaster is furious.

To bring him down a peg or two he treats him as he would a junior and applies a long hard stinging spanking to the boy’s bare bottom, stretched out on his own bed. Hopefully the humiliation of this might help him find some common sense.


Petty thieving by some of the boys does go on. With the college situated near a local market town the shops are an easy target. One boy Donovan (new StingLad Kurt Maddix) steals a transistor radio from one such store. This is very serious and the Headmaster allows him a choice of letting his parents know or getting dealt with by the college. Of course young Donavan goes for the second option.

Told to report to the hall a good hard bare bottom spanking is laid on that turns his little rounded bottom a fiery red.

To really make sure Donavan has got the message the Head takes down the Empire rubber gym shoe kept for the purpose. Swinging his bowling arm to good measure he then lays on a real backside burning session. With the slipper cracking down on top of his already raw cheeks this wayward lad is certainly regretting his actions.

 He knows now if this ever happens again without doubt he can Expect to be Punished.