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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Crime Spree (Part 2)


A second set of high quality pictures from Sting's modern day download Crime Spree

Dexter and Dale have been caught trying to steal Aslan's car, and he knows just how to deal with them.

 First with his hand......

Then with his strap....

In a different scene two burglars  (British actors, Damian Harrison and Aiden Jason) get caught breaking into a policeman's apartment

 And pay a painful price!! .....

As the off duty cop gets to the bottom of the problem!


Saturday, 29 June 2013

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Crime Spree (Part 1)

 Crime spree is a modern day story from Sting staring a mixture of Czech and British lads

The easy route to riches seems to be the modern way. However, it can be full of surprises and not all nice ones.Two young lads (Brit guys, Damian Harrison and Aiden Jason) are down on their luck and need cash fast. One of them has the idea that breaking in to a local flat might net them some fast cash.

They get inside a property and begin to collect the loot. Unfortunately their choice of apartment is a bad one; it belongs to a police officer. He of course arrives home at the most inopportune moment catching the young felons red handed. The angry Police officer calls a colleague and between them they thrash out a deal.

Thrash being the operative word as the boys agree to let their crimes be dealt with there and then. Firstly a good spanking from the younger detective followed by a sound strapping on their already sore and reddened bare bottoms. Sharp and sudden justice indeed for the novice pair who have never before experienced corporal punishment......

The second story features two would be car thieves (Dale Brady and Dexter) who are caught by the owner whilst trying to hot wire his vehicle. Having recorded the incident on his mobile phone the athletic car owner (new Sting top Aslan Brutti) marches the pair back to his flat. 

 They have both chosen a punishment from him rather than having the police called. With his video evidence neatly secured he certainly has the upper hand. This he wastes no time in using after stripping off the villains under wear. Now the two lads are feeling his pounding gym trained arm, with the stinging flat of his hand zipping down on their rounded, exposed and now inflamed bare backsides. 

Not content with just a spanking he too with relish wields an old heavy leather belt hard across the lads red and tender bottoms. His strong right arm never lets up once and it will be sometime before the two boys will be able to sit down properly let along go out on another Crime Spree.

More to Follow...


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sports Report 3

 New Sting actor Nicolas Salter

And Mike Stafford (last seen in Tales from St Datchett's Academy - Gray Shorts 2) Star in  ...

Introducing new Stinglad Nicholas Salter who plays wayward young student Jamie Nichols. Having been sent on a cross country run Jamie decides it all too much and heads back to his home. Nobody will be in and he can bide his time till the run would be nearly over, then sneak back in to college looking suitably exhausted of course.

His plans run amok however when he is discovered at home and this is then reported to the senior PT Master Mr Eisenberg. None too pleased with the lad’s breach of trust the PT Master dishes out a lesson to rectify the dishonour the student has caused.

Up and over the PT Masters knee Jamie gets given a long hard spanking that he won’t forget in a hurry. 
Mr Eisenberg’s large plate like palms dish out a deeply burning effect and as Jamie now lays over the end of the pommel horse he knows the gym slippering to follow is going be just as painful.

He’s not wrong and yelps out as the pliable India rubber sole sears his already well spanked bare bottom!

The most junior master in the PE department is Mr West (Mike Stafford) Because of his young years he can be a little careless and to that end he is caught smoking a joint in the changing rooms.
Knowing this sort of thing can get the college a really bad name the Headmaster, as his boss, decides to dismiss Mr West. Not wanting to lose his job the young master volunteers to take a punishment of the same type he would dish out to one of his own students had they been discovered doing something similar. 

With the young PT master however it must be more severe; he is no mere sixth former being naughty! It’s decided to meet up in the gym later and there a session of corporal punishment will be laid on to match the offence. 

This way only the other young masters will get to know and a firm message to them will have been quietly made. The spanking is going to be bad enough but the hard caning from the cruel swishy rattan, kept for seniors, will leave its biting impression for some time to come.