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Sunday, 27 July 2014

No Stars - just Stripes 4 (Part 2 of 3)

The second set of pictures from No Stars - Just Stripes 4

Elsewhere in the facility the Head Coach (Lloyd Franke) is dealing with a stroppy young player, Wayne Carson (Darren) whose temper often gets the better of him. This time the Coach decides to spank it out of the young rebel over his knee. 

Backside raised, Carson can only grit his teeth and bare it best he can as the basketball practised arm thunders down. 

However, now ordered over the gym horse it’s the rice spoon shaped paddle that’s brought in to action.

With Carson’s legs off the ground and rounded bare bottom thrust upwards this tempting target is changing colour fast. Crack after crack of the stinging paddle firmly laid on by the coach produces a fine glow of deep red on the pale butt cheeks.

As with Coach Norton the Manager takes the same view that some of the blame must lie with Coaches. Even this Senor Coach is not going to escape the firm discipline that been adopted to turn the team around.

Now in the same position he had ordered Carson in to the Senior Coach is feeling the stinging palm of the Manager’s hand slapping hard down on to his muscular bare bottom. 

or him as a senior this is very humiliating but being order to bend right over and touch his toes for the strap is even more so! Backside sticking right out and growing redder with each burning lash the Head Coach can only twist and yell as his gym trained butt is seared raw! Time perhaps to re-focus on training for the hapless young sportsmen!

Lloyd Franke takes his first Spanking in No Stars Just Stripes 4



Saturday, 26 July 2014

No Stars - just Stripes 4 (Part 1 of 3)

 No Stars - just Stripes 4 stars Travis McKinnon, Johnny Hayward, Darren and Lloyd Franke

The Team Manager is determined that this season will be successful and the pressure is being put on! The Coaches have been told to step up the training schedule but things aren’t quite going to plan and a more disciplined method of training is being taken up.

The younger Coach, Mr Norton (Travis McKinnon) is the first to go in to action.

Disappointed with the attitude of one of his team captains, Jordan Watts (Johnny Hayward) he drags him in to the changing room for a good talking too.

However a talking to is not the only thing he has in mind and soon Watts is over the younger Coach’s knee getting a good spanking! 

Now this hunk of a player’s bottom is bared and the spanking steps up a notch. He’s really getting it but it going to be the flat wooden paddle that penetrates through, scorching poor Watts firm backside red raw.

The Team Manager on discovering this commotion takes the view that perhaps the players would be more motivated if the Coaches themselves paid more attention to effective training.

What’s good for the goose as they say and young Coach Norton now finds himself across the manager’s knee! He’s going to receive a bare bottom spanking just as he has given to Jordan Watts!

The paddle too comes in to play but having cracked in to so many young hunks muscular bare backsides eventually splits in two. Not though before the manager has lain on a good number of fiery licks to the young Coaches raw butt cheeks!


Preview trailer to follow