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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sports Report 4 - Doing the Rounds (Part 2)

The second  set of pictures from Sports Report 4 - Doing the Rounds
Introducing two new Sting Lads

 Another boy, Rogers (New Sting Lad Joey Whyte) has also partaken of the demon drink and the Headmaster is becoming suspicious

He orders his assistant Mr Sharpe (Marco) to get to the bottom this new phenomenon.

Rogers refuses to tell the truth so a spanking is laid on. Although his bare bottom is a scorching red he's determined to say nothing.

 Mr Sharpe ups the odds by choosing to use his well used leather belt. 

Rogers is definitely feeling it but still refuses to speak but eventually its the threat of the time honoured stinging rattan cane that finally does the trick!

The games up and the perpetrator is brought to book. Mr Hardmann will be dealt with by the Headmaster exactly the same way as the coach had dealt with the boys.

The bare bottom spanking is bad enough for this senior but now he is finding the old brown leather strap far harder to bear. 

However its nothing to the caning that follows the strap leaving Mr Hardmann's red raw bare bottom striped, stinging and sore. His days as an off the cuff barman have suddenly come to a painful end!


Saturday, 29 November 2014

Sports Report 4 - Doing the Rounds (Part 1)

 Troubles brewing at the sports college and its certainly a brew that's causing the problem. 

The Headmaster, doing a routine inspection, finds one of the team captains, Mason (Kevin Ellis) knocking back a bottle of beer. The boys are banned from drinking to get the team up to a winning pitch so the Head is none too happy.

He leaves the coach, Mr Hardmann (New Sting Lad Billy Marsh) to deal with the rule breaker.

 As his very rounded bare backside starts to burn red Mason is fearful of what will be next!

 He soon finds out as he's now face down on the bench with the coaches leather strap cracking in to his already scorched bare backside.

 With such a tempting target the coach ditches the strap in favour of his whippy rattan cane. 

This biting little devil soon gets young masons full attention, his protruding buttocks now bearing the raw stripes of full punishment.


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Monday, 24 November 2014

The Sixth Formers - Bad Habits (part 2)

The second set of pictures from The Sixth Formers - Bad Habits

After punishing Miller, it turns out that T​om ​Ward himself though is no angel when it comes to the rule book and eventually he is caught cheating in a mock exam.

It’s his Housemaster Mr Heidrick (Dexter) who has the duty of disciplining the boy. Unimpressed that this is a prefect Mr Heidrick lays on a hard bare bottom spanking but it’s the caning after that really has the boy yelping.

As he b​ends over the thin rattan cuts in to the lads bare backside leaving raised burning welts. This punishment will remind him in future that cheating gets you nowhere except bent over again for another stinging caning.


Back before the Headmaster again is Mark Harfield. This time he’s’ been and got himself drunk then has sneaked a local girl back in to his room. The Head knows that he must be punished severely and that a message must be sent to other seniors who think they can follow this boy’s lead. A Heads study caning will be laid on! Harfield is ordered to remove his grey trousers and bend over.

The punishment begins firstly over his white underwear then on to the bare bottom. The first cane, a crooked handled whippy senior starts the session but for absolute effect and more importantly for the lad to remember a thicker but still very flexible former reformatory cane is used.

This formidable instrument kept for senior boys soon has Harfield moaning as it cuts in to his defenceless bare butt cheeks

Click here for Part one and the video preview