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Friday, 26 December 2014

Darren in Nowhere to Run - Army Discipline

Sting's latest download features Darren in Nowhere to Run - Army Discipline
a tale of off the record punishment.

Off the service record punishments were common in the old cadets regiments, and the boys would ​usually opt for it in many situations.

Trooper Gordon (Darren) has made a habit of being absent without leave. The Commanding Officer is not happy at all but relents and grants the young trooper an off the record puni​shment as long as its laid on hard so he will remember. He is ordered to report to the gym.

To be fair the punishment is carried out anonymously by one of the training sergeants this will make sure Trooper Gordon can't be certain who has delivered the sentence.

Sargeant Z (Zorro) firstly orders the young cadet to go over his knee. 

Quite humilating for a fit young solider but Gordon has to do as he is told and a stiff stinging hot spanking is laid on both over shorts...

...and the lad's muscular and nicely rounded bare bottom.

Next comes a session of army caning whilst kneeling on an ammunition case.

The boys smooth bare bottom burns as the well oiled rattan delivers its scorching stripes.

Now ordered over the gym horse its the traditional cavalry riding crop (whip) that delivers the last part of this badly behaved young troopers punishment.

When he is finally ordered to stand his red raw bare bottom is testament that when its off the record, for a young trooper like Gordon, the is just Nowhere To Run.



Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Sting Comics - Merry Christmas (Art by Jeff)

I just has to share this wonderful gift sent to me by Jeff W its a cartoon story based on Johnny Hayward in Flogging 2


Monday, 22 December 2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

African Academy - Re-posted by Request

Following a request from a visitor, I am re-posting the photos and Video Trailer from the early Sting release African Academy staring Barry and Tim which was a Classic Special back in September 
(Scroll down to view the preview trailer)

Tough discipline in the far outposts of the former British Empire is legendary. Attending college was a serious business and the administration eagerly took its lead from the rule books of the public schools of Great Britain. Tried and tested methods of maintaining discipline were exported along side all the other traditional ideas of what a worthwhile education should be.

Ezekiel (Barry) and Zachariah (Tim) are normally two good students who follow the rules and knuckle down to work. However when they do step out of line a no nonsense approach is used to bring them back on track. Talking in assembly gets these senior lads a good hard spanking. 

Later a spell in detention leads to sterner measures and threat of the cane is

Later the naughty boys steal some of the master's tobacco, but it will soon be their bare bottoms that are smoking!!.  

 The stinging cane soon teaches them the error of their ways

Finally just two weeks on Zachariah finds himself in the gym holding his friend tightly over a vaulting horse whilst another stiff caning is laid on. 

Featuring all you'd expect to find in a colonial tower of learning, the crack of the cane and a firm hand spanking are always available to keep these cheeky young students in check!

preview trailer