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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Seasons Beatings!

Rich & Rob wishing you all a 
'Very Merry Christmas'!

The office is now closed until Dec 27th

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Approved Education 13 'Unlucky For Some'

Running a centre like Bishopsfield requires careful attention to the much needed rehabilitation of the youthful inmates. They need to be set on a new course in life and often a more stern form of discipline has to be used. Re Education is very much part of the system which is often a troublesome aspect to some of the lads.

One such boy Jimmy Ericson (New StingLad Jirka Mendez) has vandalised a school room work book in order to get out of a writing exercise. Sent to his Housemaster (Marco) he's in for a short sharp lesson. He certainly wasn't expecting the spanking he got. Mr Sharpe's right arm can delivery a scorching sting especially on a well raised bare bottom.

However, bent down and grabbing his ankles for the masters well used strap is a sincerely burning experience. The scorching swats are plentiful and this well used persuader leaves young Ericsson's rounded bare bottom a burning fiery red. 

In another incident Tim Robinson (Adam Black) abandoned the Queensbury rules whilst boxing training and took his glove off to give his opponent a real whack! 

In another incident Tim Robinson (Adam Black) abandoned the Queensbury rules whilst boxing training and took his glove off to give his opponent a real whack! His Housemaster Mr Volny (Johan Volny) intents to show him the true ways of a gentleman. Young Tim is sent to the gym and is quickly taken up over Mr Vonly's knee. Perched high on the gym horse this wayward pugilist is going to have his bare bottom soundly spanked! 

The opening round has had some effect but a good strapping laying across the top of the horse will soon have the lad submissively howling. The biting leather fingers of the tawse connecting to an already well spanked bare bottom will be a definite and scalding reminder to behave in future. 


Merry Christmas from Sting!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Housemasters Study Episode One

Introducing a new retro styled series from Sting Pictures centred around the goings on in a Housemasters study at famous St Morsus Academy. This public institution with its austere corridors, parquet floors, draughty dormitories and the ever cleansing odour of Jeye's fluid is where the exuberant youth of the nation will be well and truly educated.

Its not all hardship though, the lads here are going to have a lot of fun! However discipline will be maintained and sometimes skylarking comes with a painful penalty clause attached!

One man charged with keeping order is the all powerful Housemaster. Given carte blanche by the Headmaster to run his house how he wishes, Gordon Sharpe (Marco) is not a man to be messed with! Lads will be lads but rules are rules too and he's damn well going to make sure the boys in his house are a cut above the rest.

One lad now standing on the worn study carpet is Jeremy Milford (Karl Frazer) a senior lad who thought it might be a hoot to throw a discharged chalk box out of an upper classroom window. Unfortunately it hit the very man he is now standing in front of! Mr Sharpe is certainly not amused and decides to deal with the matter there and then.

Another younger lad, Kevin Peterson (Tony Masters) has also fallen foul of the rule book. His perpetual lateness for just about everything has finally earned him a visit to the Housemasters study. It'll be a good over the knee spanking now, Mr Sharpe has had enough. The Housemaster is well versed in the art of burning a boys bare bottom with the flat of his hand. In this case poor Kevin's raised posterior is turning a very fiery red.

Its merely a lead up though, to make sure young Peterson remembers to regularly check his watch the back of the Housemasters clothes brush is going to leave its deeply stinging mark on the lads bare jutting out backside. Tempus Fugit but not quick enough for Kevin, his butts on fire and a timely end would be appreciated.

Milford is ordered the bend over in time honoured fashion whilst Mr Sharpe selects his well oiled swishy rattan cane. The first stinging cuts are laid across the boys tight Y fronts but he'll not get away with it that easily. Now with pants down Milford's well rounded and muscular bare bottom will be the sore target for the rest of the punishment. The scorching cane stripes build and young Milford can feel the heat but this is not yet going to be the end of it!

Its just before lights out and back on the carpet is Jeremy Milford. The caning earlier for this well built senior was just the start. His antics were that of a junior and a junior would have expected a spanking. Milford certainly won't miss out and his Housemaster now takes him across the knee for a long sound bare bottom spanking. He'll be laying face down later in the dorm, the cool air from the window passing over his burning raw bottom cheeks reflecting no doubt on his foolhardy deeds that day!