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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Kiwi College 2 (Part 2)

In the second set of pictures from Kiwi College 2: Another sixth former, Jefferson (Adam Ashton) has been very cheeky to the English mistress, Miss King. His use of bad language is most unbecoming of a senior boy and the Head views this as very childish act. 

 To nip it in the bud Jefferson is ordered to the gym. This hunky senior really is getting above himself and now he must face discipline from both his Housemaster Mr Sharpe and the Headmaster for past misdeeds.

The strong spanking from Mr Sharpe felt like an angry wasp has settled in his bare bottom but the old leather strap afterwards, lain out on a gym bench, left his backside on fire.

Now though the Headmaster had a few other issues of discipline to discuss! Twelve burning strokes of the swishy crook handled rattan cane later Jefferson was certainly learning that its best perhaps to behave in future!




Friday, 24 April 2015

Kiwi College 2 (Part 1)

Kiwi College 2, Starring Darren, Adam Ashton and introducing new Sting Lad Ray Cutler continues Sting's look at Down Under discipline this episode features three more hunky lads who all need some firm help to keep on the straight and narrow.

One particular lad has not had a good start to the term. Drake (Darren) as a sixth form boy likes to take a sneaky visit out AWOL to grab a few beers from time to time. Unfortunately on the last trip he got himself completely snozzled and was finally discovered passed out by his own Housemaster, Mr Sharpe (Marco)

The Headmaster of course was none too pleased and passed him back to his Housemaster to be dealt with.

The hard over the knee spanking was just a precursor.

Soon after Drake’s burning, well rounded, red raw bare bottom was receiving a cracking dose of swats from Mr Sharpe’s black leather strap!

McKenzie (New StingLad Ray Cutler) is another rugby playing senior who like to fool around. His final exams are due and his constant skylarking is not going to help him achieve good results. The Headmaster decides to catch this early and discipline the lad firmly for his own good!

Of course a stinging spanking is a good start and having never been spanked before like a junior McKenzie is painfully more than a bit humiliated by the experience. 

However, now bent over the gym horse it’s the white regulation gym shoe that will scorch some common sense in to this muscular lad’s throbbing 
red bare bottom.


Video preview trailer





Thursday, 23 April 2015

Coming Soon - Kiwi College 2

Kiwi College 2, Starring Darren, Adam Ashton and introducing new Sting Lad Ray Cutler should be at the Sting Site later today.

Pictures and a video preview will be posted here tomorrow

Friday, 17 April 2015

The Borstal (Part 1) # 2

In the second set of pictures from The Borstal Part 1, Trainee Hammond (Simon Lee) has seen fit by devious means to obtain a lethal weapon, in this case a shank or smallsharp knife.

 The governor is of course furious but agrees to severe punishment instead of ​further judicial action. Hammond is also sent to his Housemaster Officer Sharpe (Marco) and is given a very hard spanking which he richly deserves.

 However to really get the message across Mr Sharpe intends to teach this youth a good lesson. Hammond is ordered to bend right over the old punishment frame specially brought out of retirement for the purpose.

A severe strapping from the heavy regulation punishment strap followed by a set of warning cuts from the rattan cane leave their raw and burning mark. 

The lads red and throbbing bare bottom will no doubt remind him that weapons of any sort will not be tolerated whilst under training at 
Rainsford Borstal!

These pictures have also been posted to the new Feel The Sting Site which be fully launched very shortly 

The new site can be viewed and Bookmarked by CLICKING HERE