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Monday, 31 August 2015

Caption This!

Another Caption challenge!

Can you suggest a clever, amusing or sexy caption for these pictures?
If so, please add your caption in the comments section below this posting

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Industrial School - Part 2

The Second set of pictures from The Industrial School

One of the younger inmates too, Micheal (New StingLad Bobby James) has also found himself in front of Brother James. His bad behavior has caused this visit and he'll no doubt regret it!

Taken over the Brother's knee he's gets his comeuppance. First a good spanking which turns his little bare bottom red raw.

Then the time honored leather strap is used to confirm this young tearaways absolution. Kneeling on the prayer stool the scolding strap cruelly licks his tender bare backside, he can only prey that Brother may get tired! However we all know that unlikely to happen!



The Industrial School (Part 1 of 2)

The Industrial schools of Ireland and Yorkshire were designed to take in and give life guidance to the wayward lads that were sent to them. Discipline was of course very strict and these institutions were mostly overseen by a religious order. They saw this as a mission from above to return these young ill disciplined inmates back to society, cleansed and ready to serve the community again.

Caught drinking in the workshop Laim (Richy Casey) has been sent to the Principle Brother. He has given the boy too many chances and now intends to teach him a lesson not easily forgotten.

It will be humiliating for a muscular big lad like him but he will be going over the knee for a raw bare bottom spanking.

Then it will be a taste of the lash! Hopefully this sort of scorching penance with have the desired effect.

Mc Cann (Leonardo King) is one of the more cocky lads and his behavior of late has finally got him into trouble. Sent to Brother Mark (Marco) he knows he's in for a burning confrontation.

He will be soundly spanked, on his bare bottom, of course even though he's a big lad now.


This will be followed by a whipping, the biting cords laying their fiery stripes on the boys already well spanked bare backside! 

It burns like fury but better this perhaps than those eternal fires of hell that could follow if he doesn't buck up his ideas.


In Part 2 we meet naughty young Michael (Played by new Sting Lad Bobby James)

videoe preview trailer



Saturday, 22 August 2015

Caption This!

This weekend's Caption challenge!

Can you suggest a clever, amusing or sexy caption for this picture?
If so, please add your caption in the comments section below this posting

Friday, 21 August 2015

Coming Soon From Sting - Part 2

 The second set of pictures from forthcoming Sting releases, including more of the Birching Block

 Another trip to the Antipodes with further episodes of 
Discipline Down Under

 Johann Volny takes some wayward lads in hand

 Into the Great Outdoors with Scouts

 The much anticipated return of Travis McKinnon in Aching Antiques

and as the picture says ..and much, much more!!