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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Discipline Down under -Smoke Signals Part 1


Discipline Down under -Smoke Signals

The pupils are pushing their luck again and its time to instil some much needed discipline in to these rowdy pupils. Truanting and cheating in exams are just two of the offences that have taken place this term.

One such lad, Thompson (Mark Lewis) has been continually absent from college.

The Headmaster has had enough and sends the boy to the PE Master, Mr Volny (Johann Volny) Its not going to be one of Thompson's best days as Mr Volny sets to work. Fisrtly its high up over his knee for a good bare bottom spanking. 

Thompson's smooth rounded backside is quickly turned a scorching red as the PE Masters hard palm cracks down.

The The Master however won't be convinced the boy's learned his lesson until he feels the old brown leather strap licking its painful message in to his bare bottom.

The searing licks crack down and now bunking off school is the last thing going through Thompson's mind


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  1. Mark Lewis butt is a bute! So damn red

  2. I like Johan he is a very sexy handsome alpha.

  3. I love how Johan's bulge was rubbing against the guy getting spanked. Them shorts show of Johan's arse as well he needs them on in every video.

  4. Not a fan of the skinny think look but the spanker ... Wouldn't mind seeing him otk in those tight white football shorts

  5. I adore spankee with feet on air and anus opened, better if this is totally shaved or without hair. It is so exciting. Mr Volny is always strong and good at spanking in this position, but I think spankee not very tall could help him...

  6. I do not see an "introducing..." before Billy Masters -- where else has he appeared?

    1. Thanks for spotting that!! The actor's name is, in fact Tony Masters, and he first appeared in "Roundabout Bedtime"

      His name has been corrected on the posting

  7. Ah yes. Thank you.