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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Sting Classic - Approved Education 3 - with Video Preview

The Main batch of pictures for the latest Sting Classic
Approved Education 3 Scroll down to view the preview video

Government approved educational establishments for young offenders were first opened in 1933. Bishopsfield, designed to cater for seniors, is one of these and now in the late 1960’s has a new Headmaster.

Young tearaway Johnny Wilson (Damien Drake) arrives fresh from court having been sentenced to time in Bishopsfield in order to instill some discipline and give him a chance to get properly educated. Although an open intuition the rules are strict and breaking them has consequences, something Johnny is quick to find out when defacing and exercise book.

First he finds himself choosing a swishy cane to receive a stinging whacking from the biting rattan.

To re-enforce the message, he is ordered over the Housemaster's knee and he feels for the first time the flat of his Housemaster’s hand coming down hard on his bare bottom.

He’s not alone of course; he’s with other lads also sent but the courts to a more controlled environment, all to get a taste of much needed discipline. Three such lads are Shaw (Jason Shaw) Wilkinson (Kyle Wilkinson) and Evans (Jimmy Evans) 
These guys in a nearby dorm get far too carried away with each other and find themselves on the wrong end of a heavy leather strap but only after each one has received a hard spanking on their bare backsides. 

Evans, the ringleader, is singled out for special punishment! His very pert well raised bottom is seared red by the relentless crack of the institutions old brown leather belt!


Wilson and Shaw are back in trouble when an ill aimed shot from a katapult (slingshot) lands too close to the Housemaster. 

Meanwhile Stephens (Darren) and Dalgieish (Pete Douglas) are punished for causing a disruption after lights out.


One of the eldest boys Steven Brett (Dale Brady) decides to make a break for it, not hard considering the establishments ‘open’ category. However, absconding is very much frowned upon and he now faces a severe mandatory caning. Prior to this he is sent to change in to PE kit and tight thin white cotton punishment shorts.

On arriving back at the Heads study he knows that the burning cuts of a well laid on senior cane will be hard to take especially when he has to lower the shorts!... And so along with the daily routine the incidents unfold.

Finally it’s back to look at the misfortunes of young Johnny Wilson

His Housemaster catches up with him yet again and in his pyjamas over the knee he goes.

Johnny Wilson's day will end as it begun, with a very sore and deservedly spanked bare bottom

This hard hitting full length feature has seven Sting lads all wishing perhaps that they weren’t getting an Approved Education…3

Caption This!

Can anyone suggest a funny, sexy or clever caption to this picture from the Victorian Saga - "1900 Return to the House of Correction"?

If so, please add your suggestion in the comments section below

Here are a couple more images to get you thinking

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Caption This!

Can anyone suggest a funny, sexy or clever caption to this picture from the latest Classic - "The Brothers"?

If so, please add your suggestion in the comments section below

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Kiwi College 5 (Part 2 of 2) - with Preview Video

The second set of pictures from Kiwi College 5 – scroll down for the preview trailer

The warning given to Jody Greenwood hadn't sunk in and he finds himself back before Mr Sharpe. A very bad move as this Housemaster is known to be not the most tolerant of men! The boy needs teaching a lesson and so it will be. Firstly, after stripping naked, Greenwood gets a good hard spanking.

This lad is a valued member of the Rugby team and to say the least has a chiselled body. His bare bottom is firm and rounded, but he hates to get spanked especially on the bare bottom!

If the spanking is not bad enough the caning to follow is even more testing. Mr Sharpes thin whippy rattan cane really hits the mark and leave them as well.

An exemplary thrashing is laid on as a warning to others given in two different positions that leave young Jody striped and yelping!