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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Caption This!

Here is this weekend's Caption Challenge.  If anyone can think of a funny, sexy or imaginative caption for this picture, please add it to the comments section below.


The picture is from Approved Education 7 "They Never Learn"

Friday, 26 February 2016

Colinial College 4 (Part 2)

The second set of pictures from

Another boy, James Kruger (Ariel Varga) is up before the Headmaster. He's been fighting again and this time the Head has had enough.

He is rapidly despatched to Mr Sharpe (Marco) this Housemaster will spank the fighting spirit out of him once and for all. 

In the back of the gym Kruger's shorts are ordered off and Mr Sharpe gets to works. The burning spanking he is laying on is the prelude to a more painful wake up call.

Ordered to bend over the lad can now feel the cool tip of the rattan cane tapping his already well reddened bare bottom.

Then a swish and a crack as the wicked rattan collides perfectly across the crest of the boys bare bottom. As the fiery stripes cut across Kruger's defenceless backside the only fighting he has in mind now is just taking the punishment!

CLICK HERE to view Part One and the Preview video


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Colonial College 4 (Part 1)


Lads are sent to Branderburg College to receive a solid education but more over to get a grounding in the disciplines essential to leading a fruitful life. Things don't always go to plan and many of the more wayward students have be be brought back on track from time to time. This is the job of the ever vigilant Housemasters, They, while always allowing for a bit of natural tomfoolery, will always come down hard when the rule book is blatantly flouted!

In most case smoking is strictly forbidden. If it happens in the classroom as in the case of Pieter Hollister (Justin Maher) then a boy can expect zero tolerance.

Sent to Mr Meyer (Johann Volny) young Hollister can expect a blistering bare bottom spanking.

This PT master is known for laying on well deserved discipline and soon has Hollister high over his knee on the small pommel horse.

After this the masters leather strap will be cracking down across those smooth little bottom cheeks as the boy touches his toes. 

Now ordered back on the horse, the boy lays naked across the cold leather top to get even more hot lashes from the strap. 

A sneaky cigarette in class can certainly can burn you in more ways than one!




Friday, 19 February 2016

The Reformatory (Part2)

The second set of pictures from The Reformatory

For Garcia (Johnny Hayward), the workshop is not a place he likes to spend a lot of time in. For him a smoke outside is far better. Well, it is until he's caught red handed by the Warden!

Taken to be dealt with by his Senior Officer, the Warden intends this time he will learn a sharp lesson.

Mr Clinton starts with a good hard over the knee spanking something this older lad is not used to getting. He reddened butt of course has not seen the last of this punishment, the finale is yet to come. 

Officer Clinton's holed paddle has some history having been brought to this Reformatory from another in Alabama. It's blistered many an arrogant boys butt and now its lining up to do its painful job yet again. 

The cracks ring round the room and Garcia's bare backside is severely scorched. His firm buttocks are burning now and attending workshop on time in future seems a much better idea from now on!

For the next three weeks, you can download a full sized high definition version of the trailer from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE