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Monday, 30 May 2016

Caption This!

Here is the holiday Caption Challenge, what do you think Mike Alvez is thinking? 
If anyone can think of a funny, sexy or imaginative caption for this picture, please add it to the comments section below.


The picture is from Strictly Come Spanking

Nursing a sore bottom

A cute image of new StingLad Mike Alvez

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Strictly Come Spanking

Sting like to think they listen to their customer base so here they present the first download featuring just spanking. The two stories are set in different situations with good long over the knee discipline and two further positions thrown in.

 Story One
College athlete Tony Rodriguez (new StingLad Mike Alvez) is supposed to out on a cross country run. He hasn't returned in good time so the Coach goes out looking for him. He is soon found hiding away in the woods smoking a cigarette.
The coach rapidly orders him back to the gym, this boy is surely in for a good hiding!

 Taken over the knee, his backside raised and legs spread well apart, the lad receives a well earned spanking on the bare bottom.

His scorched rounded little butt cheeks colour up quickly, but to get a more direct slapping power the coach re positions the boy over the top of a box horse. 

The boys firm bare bottom is now red raw but the spanking is relentless until a tearful Tony can really take no more. 

Story Two

Uncle Marco has noticed that his wine collection has been somewhat depleted. Finally his young nephew James (Tommy Martin) owns up to raiding his precious cellar. The boy has been behaving badly of late in other areas too but a voluntary confession is a good start to make amends. 

He knows a punishment is in order and surrenders himself to be dealt with. Uncle Marco feels the boys really needs a good spanking.

He might be a late teen now but its something that perhaps should have been done a long time ago. James is taken over the knee and a fiery tirade of stinging slaps instantly connects with his firm rounded bare bottom.

For Uncle Marco this is just a start. James next finds himself kneeling on a stool thrusting his bare rear right up to take another humiliating and burning attack on his already throbbing naked buttocks!

For these boys this has been strictly come spanking.





Thursday, 26 May 2016

The "Just Paul" Collection

Video compilation movie

Sting are starting the first of the StingLad profile films with Just Paul. Paul was the first major Sting star and in his day had a large following of loyal fans. His first major outing was Volume Two of the Punishment Books series but undoubtedly his most famous role was that of Howard Stadden, Head Boy, in the now famous Grey Shorts movie. 
This compilation includes all his scenes with the exception of Paul's Bad Report which stands as a separate short film. Paul had a reputation for taking it and he gives some outstanding performances. He could also lay it on too so Sting have included these clips and the fortunate lads on the receiving end in this complication.

From Volume Two, The Punishment Book, through to Volumes Three, Four, Five, and Six the action is hot and scorching. Paul was always rock solid and played many disciplinary roles from College boy prefects to Reformatory Boys and Naval Training Ship cadets.

Perhaps his most famous scene and hardest hitting was the tawse scenario in Grey Shorts where he received a good licking with each weight of the tawse right up to the XH level.

Whatever it is that appealed to the spanking fraternity Paul certainly had it and was a hard act to follow.

However, there are others and they too had their followers. Sting hope to feature more of these extra spacial Sting stars in future compilations. Till then this one is Just Paul.

Preview trailer

Full movie running time 1 hour and 23 minutes


Monday, 23 May 2016

Back Up Site

We would like to remind visitors that we have a back up site where we can be found if anything should happen to this blog.

The back up site can be located at 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Caption This!

Here is this weekend's Caption Challenge.  If anyone can think of a funny, sexy or imaginative caption for this picture, please add it to the comments section below.

The picture is from "Army Cadets 5"

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Birching Block (Part 4)

It’s back to the days of powerful discipline and harsh corporal punishment! All generously administered to the most unruly students in the finest educational institutions of the land. Fresh birches have been made up and the sons of gentlemen are about to learn some much needed manners.

First in line is Guy Ashton (Adam Black) He has seen fit to bring drugs in to the college but having admitted his guilt is prepared to take a birching as punishment. 

The Headmaster arranges that his Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) will administer the flogging. In time honoured fashion the boy will have to kneel on the birching block, raising his bare bottom high to meet the stinging rods as they descend mercilessly on to his naked backside.

These previously soaked birch rods are scorchers but the Housemaster for this offence won't be content with just a birching.

This young pup needs further punishment and Ashton is order to report back promptly before bedtime.

 Bunking off college and going out of bounds tends to be the main occupation of senior lads. When they push their luck too far the birching block is waiting for them to kneel to its authority. One boy, Miles Barclay (Pedro Donatello) has been having just too many illegal excursions of late. 

As he doesn't want his parents informed of his antics he soon finds himself stripping to receive the birch.

As usual Mr Sharpe is asked to lay on the flogging. Miles positions himself reluctantly on the block. Its very design pushed his now naked buttocks upwards and splayed apart.

The descending birch burns more and more at each stroke, The usually cocky Miles is struggling, his backside is on fire. 

Today though he's going to be very unlucky as his Housemaster intends to teach him a real lesson.  The birch flogging will be followed by a scorching spanking cruelly laid on over the already red raw birch marks!

Its evening time and Guy Ashton is knocking on his Housemaster's door.

As we know he'd been birched earlier that day but his offence had particularly riled his Housemaster. Now he intends to send the boy back to bed with a very sore bottom.

Over the knee, legs spread apart, Guy can only wince and howl as his very rounded backside is slapped hard.

His burning buttocks turn red quickly but there is no release this time, his Housemaster intends to teach the boy a good lesson!