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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Caption This!

Here is this weekend's Caption Challenge.  If anyone can think of a funny, sexy or imaginative caption for this picture, please add it to the comments section below.

Once again the picture is from the brilliant Sports Report 6
Note: This game is just for fun. No prizes will be awarded


  1. Go look out that window so your friends can see your face then open it and tell them you won't be going on that day trip as your are going to bed early.

  2. Grandpa Slipperman30 July 2016 at 05:19

    Go stand by the window, and you'd better get used to standing because, when I'm done, you won't be sitting down for quite a while!

  3. Now hang your backside out of that window and see how many of your friends come to kiss it better!!

  4. "Normally I have you hooligans nose to the blind wall to encourage rueful contemplation in between spanking rides over my knee,
    but(t) this time you’ll benefit more from watching the teammates, who got whipped in the showers with you due to the forfeit loss on account of your public obscenity shinanigans, cut a switch each, to take six of the best with on the bare butt as test,
    since only the sassiest shall see its softie-scoundrel lined-up besides you for the first dozen licks from me with the birch I assemble from the good ones, thereafter you get a dozen from each of them in turn and a ride over his and my knee as warm-up,
    then we can warmly invite the offended opposite team to give you two dozen each and ride over every knee as long as they please, which is probably till their team bus arrives tomorrow evening, in which case I’ll give you an extra dozen on the hour!" - FASTIFEX