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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Fancy a Chat?!

"Can't we talk about this Sir?"
"Fine with me lad, but I guess what you'll be saying most is OUCH!"

Want to chat about Spanking?  Don't forget that there is a chat room on the Sting Site, where Sting fans can exchange views.

You can access the Sting Chat facility bu clicking on the "Chat" link on the Sting Pictures home page (see below)


  1. Thanks Bruce!
    A chat is important for the spanking comunity.
    Come in Boy.
    By Tony.

    1. You are welcome Tony. I hope people do start using the chat room. These things can take a while to get busy at first

  2. Excuse me bruce. I finished my time in chat.I do not understand why.

    1. That's odd, you suddenly vanished.

      I am not aware there are time limits, I will check with Sting

  3. I confess I haven't been there for ages but whenever I did I always seemed to be on my own.
    Prompted by you I visited again to day, but again I was alone.

    1. Hi Spartan

      Yes I know it has been quiet, which is why am trying to remind people that it is there. People do visit, but they seldom coincide. That might change it I publicise it!

    2. Hi Bruce
      Perhaps you could suggest some times. In broad terms this could just be "on the hour," or, at least to get it going, something like 1800 UK time on Saturday.

    3. I was actually considering suggesting something like that, possibly next week after there have been a few more releases and things to talk about, and with a number of announcements both here and at JockSpank in advance.

    4. Good idea, I will see what can be set up.

  4. I can't wait for a new update. I love giving me expert and always right opinion, so I'm standing by like a guard outside Buckingham Palace.