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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Sting Classic: Officer Carter's Borstal Diary (Part 1)

The latest Sting Classic is Officer Carter's Borstal Diary which stars:


Matt Mills

Tom Nuttal

Rusty as Officer Copeland
Margusta as Mr. Labowski

In the old British Borstal System, (known as juvenile correction in the US) lads had to wear khaki coloured short trousers and woollen shirts. The clothing chosen was often ex-military saving the government money and militarising the situation making it more regimental and tough for the inmates.

Officer Carter had taken up his first post in a Borstal institution fresh from regular prison service. He soon settled in and realised that discipline administration is somewhat different for these young transgressors.

Officer Copeland (Rusty) certainly knows how to deal firmly with unruly trainees and so he does with Kirby (Tom Nuttall) a cheeky young trainee from his own house. Firstly, by marching him in to the changing room by his ear then laying on a traditional and firm spanking. Kirby squirms and twists as his bare backside gets redder and raw with each slap. 
However Copeland is never satisfied with just a spanking, so he chooses a whippy rattan cane from stock and orders Kirby to bend over. Reluctantly the lad obeys and receives a stinging batch of burning stripes across his already sore backside.

Official birching has to be administered and its time for Trainee Williams (Matt Mills) to receive his. After the sentence is read out he is secured over the vaulting horse and Mr Copeland lays on the punishment.

The whippy and sharp birch twigs lash home leaving poor Williams raised bare bottom feeling like its on fire! William's bottom will sting for hours, even after the actual punishment is over.

Officer Carter’s first encounter with laying on discipline is to one of his own lads, Trainee Pratt (Sebastian) He had ‘done a runner’ in Borstal terms and being absent without leave deserved a swift disciplinary response. 
To add to the humiliation and punishment Carter orders Pratt’s backside area to be shaved by the barber to prepare for an exemplary bare bottom spanking.

However, a bare bottom spanking is only the start of Trainee Pratt's punishment!

The spanking over, Pratt now is ordered over the bench to receive both the junior then senior heavy leather straps.

Pratt’s recently shaved and spanked backside is almost literally roasted by the cruel biting leather. He will not be so keen to abscond again. 
Another incident occurs where fellow officer Mr Labowski (Margusta) is required to deal with a badly behaved young lad called Collins (Toby) It’s the strap again but this time with the delinquent youth hugging the vaulting horse and taking the stinging leather lashes across his bare bottom wishing for sure now he’d behaved better. 

At the end of the day it becomes another successful entry in Officer Carters Borstal Dairy

For the next three weeks a full sized copy of the preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpance, by CLICKING HERE




  1. Love the idea of giving the boy's bottom a wet shave. It certainly adds to the humiliation of his punishment.

    Remember some boys can bear pain, few of them can bear embarrassment and humiliation. The memory stings for much longer

    1. The models who have had this done then played the scene say that their shaved butts feel more sensitive. I guess its a bit like having a short haircut, when you come out of the barbers you can feel the difference.

  2. Sebastian sure had one of the cutest butts in spanking.

  3. Agreed he did have a beautiful butt. Love the way the paddles are waiting in that picture above as Sebastian is being pre spanked.

  4. My Dad keeps me shaved smooth all over including my butt and crotch......He always schedules me for a spanking just after the shave....Believe me! freshly shave bottom is MUCH more sensitive. I can feel every inch of his large rough, firm hand, even with my underpants on...the Spanking is much more intense and I'm hot for at least an hour afterwards, and tender for the rest of the day.