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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Caption This!

Here is this weekend's Caption Challenge.  If anyone can think of a funny, sexy or imaginative caption for this picture, please add it to the comments section below.


Note: This game is just for fun. No prizes will be awarded

Monday, 26 December 2016

Sting CFNM: Round the Bend

The latest Sting CFNM release is

Starring Victor Creedon, Lola Prasak and Ester Martina in a story about a drunken plumber

WARNING: Sting CFNM videos feature young men being disciplined by Strict Women

Alternatively, For the next three weeks a full sized, high definition, version of the trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace, by CLICKING HERE
WARNING: Sting CFNM releases feature young males being disciplined by strict females 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Quiz - How would you punish Robin and why?

By Popular Request here is q special Christmas Quiz enabling you to tell us how you would punish young Robin Palmer, and why.

Tell us what you would do to Robin, and what the young rascal had done to deserve it.

Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments section below.

Note: This quiz is just for fun, and an excuse to let your imaginations run wild, there are no winners no prizes will be awarded and there is no guarantee any suggestions will be filmed!

Just enjoy yourselves, and naughty Robin's expense 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Sting Christmas - Art by Jeff W

I am sure you will all enjoy this brilliant Christmas Card created for Sting by Jeff W

The full sized image (who can name all those enjoying Christmas lunch at Sting Towers?)

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Housemaster's Study (Episode 5) With extra large Collectors' Gallery - Part 1 of 2 - Plus Preview Video

The Second set of pictures from

Scroll down to view the preview video

The second incident concerns a senior lad, a prefect in fact, who has disgraced himself in the local town. Up before the Headmaster is Tony Jackson (Joey Whyte) he knows this is not going to be easy, he's expected to set an example but now an example will be made of him.

 He is sent to the gym where both the Headmaster and his Housemaster, Mr Sharpe will deal with him directly. Ordered over the gym horse he is going to get a good hard bare bottom caning from both the Headmaster and Housemaster in turn!

Later, when the Headmaster leaves the gym, this exemplary punishment will be followed up in typical fashion by Mr Sharpe. An over the knee bare bottom spanking! This on top of the hard caning just received, will make a fiery finale to end this wayward lads disciplinary session. Something he won't forget in a hurry!

AND FINALLY – A Christmas Wish from the two stars


Monday, 19 December 2016

The Housemaster's Study (Episode 5) With extra large Collectors' Gallery - Part 1 of 2

As a special Christmas Gift, Sting has produced an extra large HD (55 Photo) Collectors' gallery to accompany their latest release, The HouseMaster's Study Episode 5 starring two of their most popular Sting actors, Robin Palmer and Joey Whyte. Here is the first half, the second half will be posted tomorrow

Sting hopes visitors will download and keep these exciting photographs

There have been a few disruptive incidents caused by a couple of badly behaved students. Now the Headmaster is involved but Housemaster Mr Sharpe is already well on top of the situation.

The first miscreant to be knocking on his study door is Robbie Woodcock (Robin Palmer) With him he carries a note for his Housemaster, given to him by the history teacher, just as he was thrown out of the class for bad behaviour. This is happening far too often and now Mr Sharpe intends to put a stop to it, young Woodcock is becoming far to cheeky for his own good!

A chair is put out and Woodcock told to bend over it. He's going to get a regular caning! This he very much deserves and if he thinks its just going to be on his trousers, he's got another think coming.

Next the whippy rattan cuts down hard on his tight white underpants and after this it will bite its scorching message on to his well rounded bare backside.

It's not over yet laddie

Mr Sharpe wants to make sure this visit to his study will be that last for sometime to come. The best thing to ensure this of course is a good stinging spanking, laid straight on top of the lads already burning and well caned bare bottom.


Part 2 and the preview video to follow

In the next scene another miscreant (Joey Whyte) feels the sting