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Sunday, 30 July 2017

A Doctor Calls - At the New Feel The Sting

The doctor visits two naughty boys and has just the right cure for what's wrong with them


  1. This was really good like really enjoyable it was just amazing.

    I said it before Johan is getting so good at what he does pleasingly good. It's so enjoyable seeing him give both these guys a good beating he sure did and I very much enjoyed watching this movie as there's a lot to like. I'm not going to lie we have got quite accustomed to seeing most of the guys that get spanked be quite "stoic" in there response which I don't mind because either way it's gonna hurt whether they pretend it doesn't or not and I would much rather a guy just act in his natural manner of response rather than force his actions but I must say that seeing a guy having trouble taking his spanking is hot, hot, hot. I always end up feeling sorry for Jirka as he really has a hard time taking it and it looked like those gloves added an extra Sting! 🐝 lol. Robin scene was the hottest for me, I love bed spanking there so hot and Robin's usual cheeky smirking/grins head shaking what he does make it all that much better. I can't really speak much about the medical part even though this is a medical scenario which I thought was interesting because I'm not really into that stuff myself but speaking in terms of discipline it was very hot and very enjoyable.

    The end part was funny AF. The way he threw that 🍭 HAHA!

    Ps. When are we going to see Johan give RAPID FIRE?

    - L

  2. I loved Jirka Mendez's perforomance. It is wonderful to see a handsome, athletic guy grimacing, grunting, moaning, crying out, squirming and kicking. He actually looked like he was being hurt. The only way that Jirka's performance would be bettered would be if he were spanked OTK on the seat of his tight, skimpy briefs as well as on his bare buttocks - keep that in mind for future videos. Still, Jirka did a fine job.