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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Angry Dads - Round the Block - Part 1 of 2 at the New Feel the Sting Blog

Luke and Dominik are the first two of four bad boys who find themselves on the wrong sides of their Angry Dads



  1. Luke has an amazing body and beautiful piercing blue eyes it was great seeing how Johan dealt with him. Johan did a wonderful job in this he really has improved so much I think that he could give Marco a run for his money Johan can really lay on some hard slaps as well and his performance as Dad was convincing. I think that the concept of this video was a great one although the models wasn't my personal favourite I liked the style in which the clip played out, I think that the title was very fitting "round the block" many angry dads with sons who can't behave like MEN!

    Ps. I liked how Luke was addressing Johan as Dad, Dad this, dad that, I liked the interaction. Daddy Johan! Also I like the little resistance we got to see from Luke too in his posh English accent "I'm not taking my shorts off" it's very important to have this dialogue with the models to build up the scene.

  2. This was a pretty good video. I bought this video because of Luke Adams and Terry Hellman. These two good-looking, athletic guys didn't just lie there and stoically let their dads spank them - they grimaced, grunted, groaned, and squirmed. The viewer could tell from their reactions to their spankings that their punishments hurt. Luke also gave a little verbal pushback, resisting his father - a nice touch. If, in future videos, Luke and Terry responded in an even more demonstrative manner to their spankings, and if they were spanked on their briefs as well as on their bare buttocks, such videos wouldn't be just "pretty good", they would be "excellent".

    1. I thought this was a pretty good review, it was demonstrative and contained quite a few abjectives and told the viewer the outline of the story. It was constructive and at the same time positive. I think for future it could also mention what the reviewer didnt like and then it wouldnt just be "pretty good", it would be "excellent".