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Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Housemaster's study 6 (Part 1 of 2) - at the New Feel the sting

Mr Sharpe (Marco) starts to play rough in Housemaster's Study 6


  1. Hands down Adam's best OTK scene to date! What an amazing scene it was and Adam is looking the best I've seen him, his hairstyle suits him more then any style he has had previously and as always his bottom is looking great.

    This is what I call a proper OTK hand spanking. I loved that this OTK scene was particularly longer than usual and there's a reason I like longer OTK spanking's because it's all well and good for a guy to be spanked OTK and feel pain but I love it when the spanking then becomes so intense which can only really be achieved with longer scenes... I don't mean long and strung out but long enough to really make that guy want it to be over. I could see towards the end Adam was struggling and the intense spanking was really achieved in Adam's scene he really does take Marco's discipline like a champ, I think both Marco and Adam done a great job in this Marco's always pushing himself to deliver what we want and Adam is always stepping up his game in every clip and talking more and more he puts some of those big guys to shame. I will also say It needs to become tradition that towards the end of the spanking the spanker dishes out this wonderful "RAPID FIRE" and then some, it's so erotic and I always look forward to seeing it. Tell me if I'm wrong but Marco's hand was definitely hurting at the end, that's why Adam wasn't put back over for swearing again, Adam had a lucky escape there lol.

    Overall great clip with some interesting camera angles, I like that that camera is getting different angles and shots especially from above etc.

    - L

    1. I agree with everything you say, Adam and Marco are great, I love that scene, it is so high energy .

      However, don't forget Pavel Novy, his scene was really hot too, and his acting is high quality.

      I thought Marco looked good too, he seems more "lithe"