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Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Bedtime Story (Part 2 of 2)

Spankings sting even more when they are embarrassing

CLICK HERE to read the second half of A Bedtime Story and to see the pictures, at the new Feel The Sting Blog


  1. Me thinks young Master Jirka is due for a brief incaseration at the Carnfield Instiute for a dose of ginger figging and chillie extract, and any other devilish Victorian, derriere tormenting, kinks Sting can dream up.

  2. I didn't know where else to write this because I don't have Twitter but this picture is great, this picture captures a great moment which is seldom used. I love the way that my one and only sexy Darren is standing by Marco's side waiting to get his bum smacked, It's so hot I love the anticipation of the inevitable... it's humiliating and the Darren must feel more embarrassed just waiting for the inevitable. Good stuff, I hope to see this again in future clips I know this is old but still worth a mention.

    *Picture is from Kiwi College 2*

  3. Love the look of the hunk being spanked - looks like the type of cocky jock bully I used to fantasise about hauling over my knee and rapidly spanking in my nerdy teen years! This was back in the day when boys wore short shorts - so you can imagine my feverish imagination going into overdrive at the sight of their bubble butts , bulges and toned thighs packed tightly into their skimpy gym shorts! How my palms itches to be let loose on their mounds... many of the hunkier sting boys resemble them.