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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A Bedtime Story (Part 1 of 2) at the New Feel The Sting Blog

Two bad boys get a late night Spanking in “A Bedtime Story”


  1. I like the scene with Jirka here is why...

    First of I love how he sweats while he is getting spanked oddly it is cute in a wired way seeing how his body deals with pain and boy does he sweat a lot. I don't know any other spanking model that sweats the way he does while getting spanked I think he has a hard time dealing with pain but after getting caned and then spanked by Marco OTK props to him as it must of hurt his soft looking skin lol.

    Anyway the main event... The stand out thing has got to be the setting and the story. I really enjoyed the idea of having two guys present in one scene, one which is getting spanked and one which is observing the other for wronging him and getting him in trouble etc. It's a very effective and embarrassing set up as if getting spanked on your bare bottom isn't humiliating enough having another guy watch it's just damn right pride killing. But I like the guy watching because he didn't overeact to Jirka getting punished he gave off the right amount of energy, smirking and looks of surprise! Which brings me on to say something else I aslo love when a guys is getting spanked and another is watching and he is thinking to himself hold shit he is getting it hard... That's hot especially if it is done with Dad/son scenarios.

    I'd love this setting with a bully.
    The victim gets to watch dad beat his son after bullying a nice boy that would be a hot scene. I noticed that Sting use mobile phones so maybe dad could see some phone footage of his son bullying the nice boy. There's nothing more satisfying than watching a bully get his comeuppance add humiliation and embarrassment to the bag then you have a bag of hot fun.

    1. I forgot to add to my original comment that it would be nice to see Jirka spread his legs rather than having them closed. I think it shapes the bottom better to if there spread out slightly.

    2. Because this is a bedtime story I think next time it would be fantastic if we got to see the guys going to bed one would be sleeping comfortable the other rubbing his bum. That would be delightful.

    3. Great suggestion, that would be very hot, I approve.