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Monday, 14 August 2017

The Birching Table (Part 1 of 2) at the new Feel the Sting Blog

Two young offenders figged and birched on the Birching Table



  1. I really like ginger I think its great not just for baking not just for helping with a sore throat but its usefulness is great at getting the point across to naughty lads the extra "sting" is exciting. I wish this would have been kept up Joshua bum during his OTK spanking (the last guy to be spanked OTK with ginger up his bum was Darren and that was some years ago) I did like the revealing position Joshua was in and of course wearing his socks, whats better than seeing a guy in an interesting erotic position wearing socks. I think all this humiliation and trying all this new stuff pays off there has been some great stories and takes at Sting lately. Even though I am a sucker for the traditional OTK on a standard chair this was still exciting and i'd very much like to see Robin in the same circumstances as Joshua ginger and all, but keep that ginger up Robins bum as we all know he has a little problem with his attitude and pulling cheeky faces behind authority figures, I think Johan is the man to ginger up Robin he done a great job at dealing with Robin in "A Doctor Calls"

    I want to say as well that Macro keeps continuing to give great performances as a disciplinarian in these clips his standard and technique is untouchable his work for Sting is commendable. I'm very happy that Sting stick with Marco and Johan i think they very much have the Sting standard of discipline among Rich and Rob of course who trained them to excellence.

    The photos of Joshua are also really good, well captured!

  2. Is it just me, or is Marco getting more handsome with each new video?

    He is in great shape!

    1. Marco is lucky not only does he get to spank such handsome young men he doesn't need membership to a gym as he gets his workout from Stings productions, keeping him in great shape!