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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Brush Strokes at The New Feel The Sting Blog

Fooling about when he should be working earns a young painter the spanking of his life.


  1. This has got to be my favourite Sting release so far this year hands down!

    Something so simple really worked for me, I enjoyed every second including the introduction which was fun and imaginative. It was everything I loved and some the scenario and the whole story was brilliant and Robin is looking very handsome in this particular clip.

    I can't really express how much I love Robin's whole demeanor and attitude his sarcastic comments his facial expressions they're probably the best in fact I'm going to say they are definitely the best out of all the Sting actors that I have seen Robin's presence on camera is fantastic and the way he carries himself as a cocky bad boy has never been done better by no Sting actor in my opinion. Robin's performance is good as always and that brings me on to say that we must give praise to Robin because he took such a hard and long hand spanking and not just that he took 2 rounds, yes 2 rounds of Rapid Fire which was very exciting and enjoyable... It's even better to see when you know how much of a little brat Robin was in this... very bratty! all of that from hard hitting Marco and he still stayed in character and played out his role brilliantly. Well done Robin!

    I'm not going to ruin it but towards the end of the clip Robin's reply to Marco had me dead it was so arrogant and cocky that it was way too funny who's ever idea that was it was a great one and fitted just perfect.

    Personally I am very happy with this clip and if anyone is a fan of Robin I think you'll love this as much as I did it's a must watch for Robin fans.

    Sting you did an amazing job on everything here, the setting, story, and the action as well as the acting it was all done very well. It's definitely going to be one of my favourites for sure, thank you.


    Robin looks hot here.

  3. Luke's said everything I was thinking about this!