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Friday, 27 October 2017

The Reformatory Part 3 - At the new Feel The Sting Blog


  1. This is the first clip I have seen with Don and I quite like him he has a good body and a nice bottom. The introduction scene was acted out very well by Don who played a cocky jock/bully, the way Don kept pulling up his collar to assert his dominance was great. My favourite part was Don's OTK spanking which I'm glad Marco administered. Don's ability to take such a spanking doesn't come as easy as his acting but I liked that because Don was fussing about a lot and found it very hard and uncomfortable to take. Don is very demonstrative It's a nice change to see a guy genuinely struggling with his spanking. I did also notice the guys standing, anticipating while waiting by Marco's side whilst he rolled up his sleeves that was hot and something which adds great humiliation and embarrassment to the situation.

    Although Paul isn't my type I liked the idea of an innocent lad getting spanked for doing no wrong especially in a fight scenario which is achievable without much dialogue having said that, I'm glad Sting are trying to add more dialogue between the models.

    19:35. I'm loving how Don rubs his arse. Wiggle, Wiggle!

    Ps. I hope we get to see more of Don and I look forward to seeing how he builds up his tolerance to taking discipline in the future.

  2. I liked this video. Don Diego is a handsome, muscular guy with a round, firm butt. Don is also a good demonstrative actor. His reaction to his spanking convinced this viewer that he was hurt and humiliated by the spanking. Well done, Don.

    I have two points to make, though:

    1) Paul Wolfe is smaller than Don Diego and he didn't deserve his spanking, yet he received a more severe spanking than Don. Doesn't seem fair. I realize that the authorities did not realize Paul was innocent when they punished him, but once they found out Don was the real culprit. they should have spanked Don even harder than they had spanked Paul.

    2) I liked the fact that both lads were spanked on the seats of their underpants before being spanked bare-assed, but I wish that the two guys had worn tight-fitting, skimpy briefs rather than those baggy shorts.

    Still, it was a very good video. I look forward to seeing Don Diego being spanked OTK in future videos. Keep up the good work.

  3. Don Diego's smooth, muscular body was a major asset to this video.