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Sunday, 1 October 2017

While Dad's Away (Part 2 of 2)

1 comment:

  1. This video contains two stories, both of them involving a twinkish guy spanking another twinkish guy. I would suggest a video in which a hunky guy is spanked by a twinkish guy.

    Consider this scenario involving Brother #1 (a tall, good-looking, muscular, masculine, clean-cut older brother) and Brother #2 (a short, slender, boyish younger brother). Brother #1 has been bullying Brother #2, and Brother #2 is itching for revenge. One day he catches Brother #1 drinking and/or drunk. If their father found about his older son's drinking, Brother #1 would be punished severely. (Grounding him, kicking him out of the house, caning him - I leave the details to you. Brother #2 tells his big brother that he won't snitch on him provided that "Big Brother" submits to a long, hard, OTK spanking from "Little Brother". Brother #1 at first refuses, but he soon realizes that he is over a barrel, and he reluctantly agrees to take a spanking.

    Brother #2 starts to unbuckle and unfasten the jeans of Brother #1. Brother #1 bats his brother's hands away and says "What the fuck?". Brother #2 says, "Dad spanked us with our pants down; it's only fair that I spank you in the same way. Now hold still while I take your pants off. Eihter you cooperate, or I tell Dad." Brother #1 is furious, but he stands still while Brother #2 removes his jeans.

    Brother #1 is now stripped down to his shirt and his tight, skimpy briefs. Brother #2 says, "Now get over my knee." Brother #1 obeys.

    Brother #2 starts to spank his older brother hard with his bare hand. Initially Brother #1 stoically "takes his punishment like a man", but after about two minutes of spanking, he starts to squirm, kick, grunt, curse, grimace, and cry out in pain. Brother #1 is furious with his little brother and is humiliated. Brother #2 is delighted to finally have the upper hand over his big brother.

    After several minutes of spanking, Brother #2 pulls down in back the briefs of Brother #1, and spanks his big brother's bare buttocks even harder than before. Brother #1 kicks, squirms, grunts, curses, grimaced and yells even more intensely.

    Brother #2 stops spanking his big brother after a few more minutes. Brother #1 continues to lie over his brother's lap, groaning and whimpering in pain. Brother #2 looks down triumphantly on his brother's sore, red, bruised bottom. His revenge is complete.

    Now THAT would be an interesting video.