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Friday, 26 January 2018

An Act of Retribution (Part 2 of 2)

CLICK HERE to view the seconf half of the photos for An Act of Retribution at the new Feel the Sting blog


  1. There was some interesting things that I liked in this clip. I like the legs up position... I prefer it done OTK but it is still effective and makes a change to the norm great to add that extra humiliation. Also the theme was rather amusing probably because I am not religious but it's still a hot theme regardless.

    Tomas isn't really my type though, I think he is too toned/buffed up for my taste. I wasn't overly keen on any of the models but I'm glad Marco was present as he played his role very well.

    Overall I'm hoping to see more new models like Darren, Rudi, I think there body type is best they're not overly buffed up but they workout. I don't see the attraction to guys who are too toned/buffed. I'm personally not into all this six pack big thighs that's not my thing. I'd like to see something in between that's why I think Rudi and Darren are perfect examples. I use to like Leonardo a lot but he to buffed up way too much for my taste reason for me no longer being attracted to him. I do like models like Robin and Adam who aren't buffed or toned but still look good and can take a proper spanking.

  2. I'm not a twink fan, so I won't comment on Vitali Kutcher's perforomance in this video.

    However, I AM a hunk fan, so I will praise Tomas Solek's performance in this video. His smooth, muscular body and his handsome face are definitely assets. His acting is pretty good too.

    Early in Tomas's spanking scene he was stripped down to his tight, skimpy briefs and his shirt. "Brother" Marco spanked him initially OTK while Tomas was still wearing his briefs. Rather than removing Tomas's shirt, Marco pulled back the lad's shirt so that his midriff and back were exposed, before spanking him. That was a nice erotic tease. Those tight, skimpy briefs accentuated Tomas's firm, round buttocks and muscular body.

    Marco ordered Tomas to get up off of Marco's lap and remove his briefs and shirt, and then get back over Marco's lap for the final OTK scene. This scene would have been more effective if Marco had simply removed Tomas's briefs and shirt himself while the lad was still lying over his lap and then resumed spanking him without interruption. The momentum of the spanking scene would not have been broken, and Tomas would have been even more humiliated by being stripped by another man.

    Still this was a very good video.

    P.S - I noticed that Tomas had a hairy crack. Perhaps, so as to further humiliate him, in future videos you could shave his crack prior to spanking him.

    1. About breaking the momentum of the spanking action Sting have always told the guys to stand and remove there breifs etc. Sometimes they remove them themselves which is erotic at times. I don't mind that, I don't see that as breaking the momentum as such because they need to bare there bottom one way or another plus I actually like them doing that as the guys have to stand up and the action of pulling ones boxers/briefs down to bare there bottom to be spanked is just as embarrassing if not more.

      What bothers me and this doesn't apply to Sting because thankfully they've never done it but it is when the momentum of the spanking action is interrupted by talking. When someone doesn't stop lecturing and talking during the actual action it really bothers me to the point of having to switch off the clip. I don't mind the "move your hands" or "spread your legs" but when it's a constant lecture that needs to be done prior and after not during the action. I don't mind some talking or dialogue but I think a lot don't get it right and go on to much. I know some do it to give the models a break but it ruins the "momentum" and illusion to a degree. I rather that be something done in the editing, I rather the guys take breaks which as the viewer we wouldn't know anyway as it would look continuos in the final product after editing rather than stopping and starting throughout the whole scene.

      I'm so glad that Sting do not do that. Sting did do a clip once (Colonial College 7 - Robins scene) where Marco took off his glasses and put them on Robins back that kind of broke the momentum for me but it is little things primarily the talking that put me off. Like I said I like the illusion of continuous spanking action. It allows for tension to build up and the model will feel it more plus if your going to get spanked it's obviously going to hurt just get it done and out the way all this stopping and starting is so off putting.

      If you think of it in this respect... If you are playing a video game online or if you are streaming a video from somewhere and it keeps pausing and then resuming etc. in the end it gets really annoying and tedious I guess that is what I'm trying to say. At least that's what i see as breaking the momentum.