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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Hornet Pictures: Tune Up

 Hornet “Tune Up” stars Johan Volny and Jaydee Black

CLICK HERE to view the pictures for Tune Up at the new Feel the Sting blog 

WARNING: Hornet videos feature equal amounts of sex and Spanking



  1. I hadn't suspected Jaydee swung that way :-|

  2. Are you serious? I think you need to fix your gaydar!!


  3. (@Anon 06 December) does it matter if he is gay or not,been gay is not a crime in most countries.Even in Singapore they won't lock you up for been gay.But steal and cheat and vandalize someone"s property over there they will cane or spank one for real.Anyway if a gay person needs a spanking they should be spanked just as hard as a straight person no special treatment.

    1. I didn't write the first comment I wrote the second one however just because someone might appear to be unhappy/dissatisfied that the said person getting spanked is gay it doesn't mean they have a problem or that they're homophobic it really comes down PP (personal preference) I have spoke about this before some people including me prefer seeing straight men spanked hence there are sites dedicated to such a thing.

      I picked up on that Jaydee is quite camp and I admit it did and has put me off being able to enjoy his clip whereas if he was straight or didn't give the vibes of being "too camp" I'd enjoy his content however there is one particular clip he featured in which I really enjoyed "Domestic Bliss".

      So from a gay man's perspective I really don't see it as giving one sexuality "special treatment" or discriminating against etc. It's a fetish and they can be very self specific.


  4. I have approved the above comment because, although potentially contentious, it makes a valid point. A lot of gay men get a particular turn on from watching straight guys getting spanked or spanked and humiliated, which they do not necessarily get from watching gay on gay interaction, that does not mean they are homophobic, or discriminating against gay people.

    In the same way, someone is not racist if they are primarily attracted to one ethnic group rather than another. That is part of a person's individual fetish and what turns them on. You can not pick and choose your fetishes, they are part of you.

    To paraphrase a long dead queen, we should not make windows into men's minds, there is all sorts of odd stuff going on inside!!

    Please do not turn this thread into a battle ground with argumentative responses.

    In closing, I do think we should speculate about an actor's sexuality, we do not know the truth, and it is entirely their own business.